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Partner Kennel
Both litters are due in August.  Both are sired by our imported Remo Von Fichtenschlag son Shuman de la Madonina.  Kasa is imported with exceptional pedigree.  From the Kasa litter they will all be black and intense red, stock coats.  The Princess litter will be both stock and long coated, all black and reds. Kasa is due on August 13th and   Princess is due August 20th.  Going to be a busy month for my partner kennel! 

CLICK HERE   to view Shuman/Kasa pedigree
CLICK HERE   to view Shuman/Princess Joy pedigree

Black and Red Longcoat German ShepherdShuman de la Madonina
Black and Red
Stock Coat-throws longcoats

Black and Red German ShepherdKasa od Radovna Plavsica
Black and Intense red
Stock Coat


Black and Red Short Coat German Shepherd
Princess Joy XIX
Black and Red
Stock Coat
Throws longcoats

Longcoated Black and Red Litter: 
Long awaited second litter from our imported Uniqua Von Fanino from the Vegas line bred to VP1 Ike Von Den Kraften, used as a Therapy dog.  Uniqua is a large female, heavy coated and is a mahogany red color.  The puppies are all expected to be large, heavy coated, black and red. These puppies will be outstanding in any discipline you choose.  Well focused, well balanced and excellent conformation.  They should arrive around the 26th of September and be ready to rehome around Thanksgiving.   They will be priced at $1,600.00 with full registration.  
  CLICK HERE  to view pedigree

Solid Black longcoat German Shepherd

VP1 Ike Von Den Kraften
Solid Black

Black and Red Longcoat German Shepherd
V1 Uniqua Von Fanino
Black and Red

Stock Coats--Black and Red and Sables:  
We had a successful tie between VP1 Ike Von Den Kraften and Sage Von Haus Hoene Heritage on August 7, 2018 which means the puppies should be born around October 9th and ready to rehome around the December 1st, 2018.  These puppies will all be black and red or sable and also all stock coated.  Exceptional temperaments and conformation will be a given in this litter.  $950.00.  Full Registration. 
  CLICK HERE   to view the pedigree

Solid Black Longcoat German ShepherdIke Von Den Kraften

Sage Vom Das Haus     Heritage Hoene
Red Sable
Stock Coat

No deposits will be accepted until these puppies are born, but I would be glad to add you to the waiting list to be notified when they are born.  

You can contact me by text or phone at:
812-521-1917 with questions about any of the litter that we are expecting at any time.  

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